Smart Distancing.

In view of the current pandemic, it is important that your employees keep their social distance and that you can trace infected contacts quickly and easily. With PolyPro Smart Distancing, we offer a seamless solution to protect your employees and keep your business running.


PolyPro Concept

Maintain social distance

The PolyPro Tag and PolyPro Wristband will help your employees to maintain a safety distance of at least 1.5M.

  • Acoustic and optical warning signals
  • Individual settings
  • Accurate measurement with UWB
  • No infrastructure required

Reverse contact tracing

Our Contact Tracing Dashboard helps you to track infections with just a few clicks. It will assist you to take the right decisions in case of an infection.

  • Information about contact proximity and duration
  • Reporting at departmental level
  • Individual settings
  • Evaluate contact intensities
  • Ease of use


Our optional PolyPro Dashboard software to determine infections can be hosted on site, giving you full control over your data. Alternatively, we offer hosting in a German data center.

  • no app required
  • Secure data transmission via gateway


The PolyPro tag is thin and light and can easily be attached to a lanyard or put in a trouser or the pocket of your jacket. It works with frontal, sideway or backward detection.

  • Acoustic Alarm
  • Vibrations
  • LED light
  • Mute button
  • UWB Technology
  • Battery last at least 24h under normal conditions


The PolyPro-Wear with its soft-touch wristband and lightweight case is comfortable to wear. The water- and dustproof housing is ideal for industrial and storage environments. It works with frontal, sideway or backward detection.

  • Acustic Alarm
  • Vibrations
  • LED light
  • Mute button
  • Waterproof: IP65
  • UWB Technology
  • Battery last at least 24h

PolyPro Smart Distancing in action

The PolyPro Tags and wristbands work anywhere, anytime, without a gateway, at the preset distance of 1.5M.

The optional gateway transmits the data from the tags to the dashboard when they are within range. The gateway can also send new settings to the tags in realtime, such as switch off the sound or change the contact distance before a contact is registered.

The PolyPro Dashboard

  • Our easy to use dashboard enables users to link tag IDs with user information (e.g. employee’s ID), set safe distance from 1 to 3m, configure the alarm signal, get historical contact data etc.
  • Reverse Contact tracing: you can find the close contact information such as contact ID, contact duration, start time, minimal contact distance and tag battery status etc.
  • If one of your employees has, unfortunately, tested positive, the PolyPro reverse contact tracing report allows your company to quickly and accurately identify employees at potential risk, so you can notify them and take corresponding actions in order to remain open and more important in business.

Frequently asked questions


Can I use PolyPro without the gateway?

Yes, if you only want to use PolyPro for Social Distancing, you do not need the Gateway. If you want to use the dashboard for reporting and reverse contact tracing, you need a gateway.


Does PolyPro track the position of the employees?

No, PolyPro only measures the distance between the devices, but does not track where the devices are located. For contact tracking, it stores the crossings with other devices.


How many gateways do I need?

If you want to use the dashboard, you need at least one gateway. When an employee passes the gateway, it retrieves data from the PolyPro tag. This can be done daily or every few days. Ideally, the gateway should be installed at an entrance or exit.


Where is my data stored?

PolyPro can be hosted on your own server on prem so that you have full control over your data. We can also host in our highly secure European data center. Also, optionally you are free to choose whether you want to connect the employee name or the employee number to a device.


Can I change he tags settings?

Yes, with the PolyPro Dashboard you can adjust the settings for groups or individual devices in real time. You can change the time before the tags give an alarm, you can turn off the alarm or vibration, change the distance between 1 and 3 meters or set the mute time.


Industrial Locations

Assists employees keep their social distance in industrial environments such as factories, warehouses and construction sites.

Office locations

Meetings, visitors or daily work in an office environment: PolyPro helps to maintain social distance and contact tracing in case of an infection.


Distribute PolyPro tags to your visitors to make sure they keep their distance, and you can track contacts by importing guest lists into the dashboard.

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